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What are the primary goals of CRM?

There is a growing need to develop a sustainable of achieving various business goals. These goals include capturing new clients, retaining clients, and improving revenue and profits. The desired goal…

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of real estate agents?

Real estate agents are direct competitors of traditional real estate agencies. Real estate agent networks stand out by boycotting traditional agencies. Real estate agents have certain advantages and disadvantages which…

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What are the roles of a commercial real estate agent?

The real estate negotiator intervenes in real estate transactions with an independent status or within a company. An essential professional in the field of real estate. He is able to…

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Why go through a real estate agency to sell?

The real estate agent has a broad knowledge of the market situation, especially prices. He is able to share his knowledge with you. He avoids you falling into the traps….

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How do I become a real estate consultant?

As an expert in the field of real estate, the real estate advisor is involved in real estate transactions. He or she is a salesperson with legal knowledge. He is…

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