What are the roles of a commercial real estate agent?

Published on : 21 July 20203 min reading time

The real estate negotiator intervenes in real estate transactions with an independent status or within a company. An essential professional in the field of real estate. He is able to carry out various missions. The essential points to know about the role of a commercial real estate agent.

Commercial real estate agent, an intermediary

This professional is essential in real estate transactions. He or she ensures that the seller and the buyer are put in contact in the case of the sale of a property. Thus, he plays the role of intermediary by ensuring that a potential buyer is increasingly interested in the property with a view to an acquisition. In other words, he ensures that an offer to sell is made. Indeed, his objective is to make sure that the buyer agrees to become the owner of the property in order to take the necessary steps to complete the sale. He plays a key role in the realisation of the sale of real estate.

Commercial real estate agent, a negotiator

Although the commercial real estate agent acts as a real estate intermediary, he or she may also take on the role of real estate negotiator. He or she is particularly involved in sales. He can use the various sales techniques to encourage potential buyers to conclude the sale. His objective is to sell the property. The commercial real estate agent gives advice aimed at making the buyer want to buy the property. He also helps the seller to put his property up for sale so that he can quickly find a potential buyer. He must remain attentive to the problems of both parties so that the sale proceeds in good conditions. This professional has the duty to advise the seller in estimating the real price of his property. In addition, he intervenes on the legal side, administrative procedures, etc…

The constraints of a commercial estate agent

The real estate negotiator is essential for the smooth running of the real estate transaction. It is difficult to avoid going through this professional for the realization of a sale or a purchase. As indicated above, he must play the role of adviser in order to easily guide the seller and the buyer. Moreover, he is required to ensure that the transaction is carried out under good conditions until the sale or final lease.

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