What are the advantages and disadvantages of real estate agents?

Real estate agents are direct competitors of traditional real estate agencies. Real estate agent networks stand out by boycotting traditional agencies. Real estate agents have certain advantages and disadvantages which you can find here.

Advantages of a real estate agent

In the real estate field, going through a network of real estate agents is more interesting. Contrary to a traditional real estate agency, it allows you to earn a more expensive commission. If you choose to work with a group of real estate agents, you can earn a commission of up to 90%. This generous remuneration is one of the first advantages of being a real estate agent. It is usually below 50% in a traditional real estate agency. Note, real estate agents began to appear in France in the early 2000s. They very quickly became successful because of the indisputable advantages they offer.

A well-organized network

Real estate agents are in danger of supplanting traditional real estate agencies. They are better organized and adopt more efficient methods. They benefit from a certain notoriety. A real estate agent deals specifically with a particular neighbourhood. He is a sort of real estate expert for the area in which he works. This gives him a good knowledge of the area in question. A personal website, real estate software for real estate agents or business cards are available to enable them to carry out their tasks without any problems. The real estate agents are more mobile and are most often in the field. They are able to set up a specific budget for advertising on different media, taking into account the savings made on commercial premises. Moreover, they can offer legal and commercial support to their agents.

Disadvantages of a real estate agent

Although the advantages of being a real estate agent are numerous, there are a few disadvantages of being a real estate agent. A job that is not suitable for beginners who have never worked for a real estate agency. In order to be able to earn money, you need to have some knowledge of real estate. Another disadvantage is that you have to pay an entry fee. In addition, it is possible that some real estate agent networks require the payment of a monthly fee, which can be quite high, while there is no guarantee that the property will be sold.

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