What is the job of a debt collector?

Published on : 21 July 20202 min reading time

A collection officer is indispensable. It enables creditors to collect their debts without going through legal proceedings. The essential job, even some people do not appreciate the role that collection officers play. Zoom on everything that concerns this profession.

Career and training

To become a collection officer, it is necessary to follow some training courses. You can follow the training with the French Association of Credit Managers or AFDCC. On the other hand, you can also consider training with organizations such as Elégia. Training courses allow you to access this profession. However, seniority in customer relations professions as a legal assistant, advisor or telephone adviser also allows you to enter the profession of debt collector. As far as career development is concerned, this professional can become a customer advisor in a bank, credit institution or credit institution.

The missions of the debt collection officer

The collector spends most of his or her time contacting people who do not pay their creditors. He or she does everything possible within the rules to ensure that the creditor can collect a renewal of an unpaid amount. In other words, he contacts debtors to ask them to pay their debts. By contacting the debtors, the renewal officer tries to find out why the debtor is no longer paying. He or she proposes solutions to simplify the payment of debts. He or she sends reminders to debtors who are in arrears. If, in the end, customers still do not pay, he is obliged to initiate legal proceedings as a last resort. This professional carries out the recovery of debts from bad payers. His objective is to encourage unscrupulous or distracted debtors to pay their debts.

The qualities of a debt collector

The tasks of a debt collector are rather delicate to carry out. He has to be diplomatic. He must have empathy and a sense of persuasion. He is unavailable that maintains a certain level of firmness. He is a negotiator who simplifies exchanges in order to encourage clients who are in arrears to settle their debts. Versatility is a required quality. This professional must have an excellent knowledge of several fields in order to carry out his missions without difficulty. The collection officer can intervene in the international field.

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