What are the steps to create a co-ownership trustee?

The management of a building is essential. You can opt to create a trustee of co-ownership. The trustee offers many advantages. An excellent way to be sure that your building will be well managed. Find out how to set up a syndic.

The rules to follow to create a syndic of co-ownership

A trustee of co-ownership must be created under certain conditions. There are standards governing co-ownership. It is necessary to comply with these rules. The syndic of co-ownership cannot be created until the building is completed. It is essential that the building be habitable. Indeed, it is strange to set up a syndicate of co-owners without a building. In this case, one must live in a habitable building before setting up the syndic of co-ownership. To be able to create the latter, it is essential that the building be inhabited by several owners. The syndic takes shape in this sense after the building has been received by the owners.

The developer plays a role in the creation of the trustee

According to the law, the promoter who makes the appointment of the first trustee of co-ownership or more precisely the provisional trustee. He sets up the latter by taking into account the co-ownership by-laws. It should be noted that the condominium by-laws can be established by the developer. When the sale is signed, the by-laws take effect and all owners must take them into account. The provisional syndic immeuble can also be created following an agreement between the different parties. However, the owners do not often proceed with the realization of this agreement. So, they generally give the developer the obligation to appoint the provisional trustee through the deed of sale.

The obligations of the co-ownership trustee

The syndic of co-ownership is essential. The provisional syndic must be dissolved as soon as possible. It is important to specify that the legislation provides that the provisional trustee must provide another trustee's contract during the first general meeting. For this purpose, the other contracts may be chosen by the syndicate council or by the co-owners. It is advisable to join the co-ownership as soon as possible if you are new to the building. This way, you are sure that no decision will be made without your agreement.

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