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A successful job interview in the real estate field requires professionalism. Be willing to expose your personal skills, your technical knowledge, your aptitudes and your motivations for evolution. Specify that in such a perfect field to evolve you can develop professionally. Remind recruiters that you are interested in the various professional activities in real estate.

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It is essential to obtain a certified training to become a real estate agent. However, to become a real estate agent without a diploma requires a lot of practice and experience in the field. For candidates without a bachelor’s degree, a few years of professional experience are required to be able to work as a real estate agent. However, it is still possible to apply for a Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE). The real estate agent cannot only be mobile and a good salesman, he must also be rigorous and have organizational skills. A good knowledge of real estate law and the evolution of legislation is imperative to advise owners, buyers and candidates for rental.

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The various real estate professions play a role in coordinating and managing various operations concerning the real estate sector. The missions of a real estate agent or advisor consist of guiding, advising and informing clients in real estate transactions. To become a good real estate advisor, one must have excellent interpersonal skills, a methodical spirit, writing skills and charisma.

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Careers and recruitment

There are several types of jobs to be practiced in the real estate field. For example, in the management sector, we can mention: the real estate lawyer, the collection officer, the rental manager…, in sales and purchase operations, we find the real estate agent, the real estate expert, the real estate negotiator… and in real estate development, professions such as the urban planner or the land prospector are available.

There are many gateways to professions in the real estate sector. From the Real Estate Careers to Masters, via professional Licences and specialized schools, there are many opportunities available to you.

To work in real estate, excellent interpersonal skills are essential. Knowing how to analyze customer needs, being attentive to their needs, and managing time well will be the keys to your success. Customers are often very demanding, so you must know not to become demoralized and persevere when they refuse your offers.










Recruiting a sales representative in real estate

Become a real estate advisor


With a solid knowledge of taxation and real estate law, a real estate advisor must be familiar with the real estate market in which he or she operates in order to find new properties for sale.

Benefiting from a professional licence, the mission of a real estate advisor is to prospect for potential buyers, to ensure commercial promotion, to organise visits to the property for sale and to contribute to the administrative and financial procedures for finalising the sale.